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Beauty Professionals...Do You Want to Launch and Operate Your Own Business?

Do you want to Escape Salon Politics, Set Your Own Pricing and Services and Sell Your Own Retail? Owning and running your own business has these benefits. Allowing your career to thrive without the difficulties of a traditional salon as well as making your own schedule and personalizing your salon space is very appealing. How wonderful would it be to have a private conversation with your clients in a setting you created where you provide the services you care about the most. Imagine displaying your products on the shelves in your own suite and keeping 100% of all your profits.

At Hair & Body Lounge, we have suites and chair stations for lease for all beauty professionals. Our boutique-style salon is fully furnished and move-in ready. We understand the worry and concern beauty professionals have about "being able to pay rent", "signing a lease", " acquiring enough clients" and so on. These are concerns every business owner has. The key is to find a situation that makes the goal of leasing a space to run your own business attainable. At Hair & Body Lounge, we offer month to month leasing. There are perks to doing a longer lease of course, for example, with a six month lease, you get one month free. We offer many amenities to make moving in easier, such as Free WiFi, 24/7 Access, All Utilities Included, Free Use of Washer/Dryer and more. We also offer pricing that is very affordable especially for those just starting out or wanting to branch out on their own.

Finding a move-in-ready suite or station removes the high startup costs and risk typically associated with running a salon, allowing you to dedicate 100% of your focus to the client and make more money in the process. Whether you are an established industry veteran or new to the field, it's never been easier and more attainable to be in business for yourself. Give us a call at Hair & Body Lounge here in Mesa or find another space closer to you that will hep you launch your independently owned and operated business.

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